from Thomas Ernst & Co., Hamburg (mobil)
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Balic Exchange Coup 2000
(a view from the German Team)
On Saturday June 4th we where brought by our host, Nic Lykiardopoulo to a nice sailing club, the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club (H.O.R.C). The event started with drinks and cakes very friendly.

The weather was ideal for our target, the race: 15 to 20 kn wind, sunshine and everone in the best mood.

5 boats where ready to sail, 6 teams willing and keen to win.

Within about 30 minutes we got the chance to familiarize with the J24 class and the first start began for an up and down course, which had just the right length to perform 4 instead of 3 races.
The field quickly devided into 2 parts and finished with SY "Dennis" as a winner.

The second race showed more familiarized crews, of which 95% never sailed a "J" - it was a good decision to have the owner, or a familiar person on board each ship, so hat no crew caused any damages.

During the 3rd race very unfortunately one crew had to give up due to a break of the main hellier, so that only 3 ships could finish this and the last fourth race.

The wind meantime increased speed upto 27kn, which really required all available strength of the participating crewmembers and a lot of concentrating for the ship's helmsmen to keep the "J's" under control.

On the final price giving and closing ceremony we wher promised a next Balic Exchange Coup 2002. Having seen such a nice Club with a very professional racing commity we all appreciate that promise of another race day 2002.

Thomas Ernst
(German Team)