Alimos Cup 2000  

Pictures taken by Web Skipper Dr .Athanasios N. Fanariotis using his 920 digital Olympus

Each picture in the table refers to a group of pictures contained in the table.
That is, you will take X pictures by 50to 55KB .jpg each. If you are on slow connection... you will have to wait more than a minute to load.

Feel free to copy any pictures you wand with right-Click on the picture and save picture as... from the menu.
Finally, pictures are in  low resolution, Olympus setting, for the web. The pictures look OK on the screen  but printing is impaired.  This is done for economy on server's space.

Picture will be on for a month, after this period will be erased. 

The Alimos Club



Before the 10' gun

Racing 1

Racing 2

Pictures are cropped and the size is 19-22KB each. Taken from "Tinouli"


02/04/2000 brief meeting called by the president of the class, mainly to discuss details of the National Cup  in Crete.

 Before the prizes

The Prizes

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